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Psychic SteveFunk is Stephen Funk Pearson's real middle name. Dr. Funk was his grandfather. His parents are both musicians. He was at the Woodstock Music Festival and travelled in Soviet Russia. He built a cabin on an uninhabited island in British Columbia and lived off the land. He played guitar, piano, cello, flute, drums, etc. Hospitalized for a year, he was told he may never walk again. He went to India on crutches and founded a 40 member commune in New York. He graduated from Vassar College with a double major in philosophy and music and received his Master's from Hunter College with honors in performance and composition. He started folk, rock, and jazz bands (wrote the music, played and sang). He raised 4 owls. He taught at Bard College. He was a lifeguard. He spent 2 years in Europe on a Maguire Fellowship. He gave his debut concert in London at the Psychic SteveSouth Bank Arts Center. He was Artist-in-Residence in North Carolina and New York. He travelled the far east, Africa, Latin America and Cuba. He was assisstant to the Press Secretary in the Paul Tsongas presidential Psychic Stevecampaign. Funk Pearson compositions are recorded and performed widely. His CD "Hudson River Debut" was released by GSP Recordings. His music is published by Guitar Solo Publications of San Francisco and Theodore Presser. His writings have been published in the Boston Globe and Boston Herald. His cartoon series "Cacophony Corner" appeared in Soundboard magazine. He is a Key Person and interviewer with Servas International and has hosted travellers from all over the world. As the founder of award-winning Funk-TV, he has written, produced and hosted various series including "Censorship: Sense or Shit?". Responding to intense controversy that was well chronicled by the Boston media, but in defiance of federal law and Supreme Court Rulings, Boston's BNN-TV3 threw "Censorship: Sense or Shit?" off the air. The ACLU took up the cause. Funk-TV has filmed specials in Paris and Prague and compilations of "U.B. The Psychic Fashion Show" have aired in Boston, New York and Los Angeles. Funk-TV clips were featured in an HBO special documentary, and Funk-TV was selected as a finalist in the national Hometown Video Awards competition for best public access programming.